The ifund Foundation is concerned that many systems in the world are no longer in balance, but are rapidly tilting in the wrong direction as a result of human behaviour. The way in which we are taking care of our need for energy, food and consumer goods – and the scale at which this is happening – is no longer aligned with the human dimension and no longer fits within the frontiers of our planet.

Examples of this imbalance are a fact of everyday life in what makes the news today. This website will zoom in on a number of themes and news stories.


Will we be able in time to live a balanced life with 10 billion people on earth? Ifund believes and hopes this will be possible. We will however need to open our eyes, see what is happening and think up appropriate solutions. Not so much on the basis of what it costs us now, but based on the world we leave behind for our great-grandchildren.

How are we going to do that?

  1. By seeking sustainable solutions. Renewable energy, organic plant-based or vegan food, clean water and a circular economy without waste.
  2. The human dimension must be restored to our systems by generating more local and regional energy, by producing food and by ensuring access to clean water.
  3. By giving entrepreneurs who want to make a difference the room to do so.

Our mission and objective, according to our Articles of Association:
The ifund Foundation aims to sustain the long-term quality of life for all mankind, by stimulating the transition to a sustainable society in which renewable energy can be generated at a regional and local scale, organic food can be produced and clean water can be accessed.

On the one hand, ifund creates awareness by providing information about the severity of the problems at hand and promoting solutions for the themes under discussion. On the other, ifund supports innovative, impact-first start-ups that develop solutions to these issues. By researching the feasibility of ideas and solutions, for example, or by conducting theoretical and experimental research, or offering office space, or making seed capital available, or helping in any other way with funding requirements.

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