De Dakdokters

Since 2010, Dakdokters is involved in the construction of green roofs and the development, production and installation of smart water retention roofs (polder roofs) to measure and regulate water collection on roofs remotely.

The Dakdokters is one of the leading parties in the Netherlands in the field of green roofs and water retention on the roof. The Dakdokters has developed the polder roof to make smart water storage on flat roofs technically possible. The polder roof turns the roof into a smart water storage which is controlled. In this way, the system can store all rain that falls on the roof and drain or use it at a quiet time—the polder roof functions as the basis of a green roof, roof garden or roof park. Also, the water that is stored can be used for irrigation, infiltration or a greywater system. The market for green roofs is on the move, but water retention is also an increasingly important topic for policymakers both in the Netherlands and abroad. Like Dakdokters, ifund sees rainwater as a raw material and not as waste.

In 2017, ifund provided growth financing to De Dakdokters.