Chainable was founded with the mission to create a world without waste, and started working towards this by revolutionizing one of the most frequently used spaces in a household: the kitchen. After getting in touch in 2021, and being very impressed by how much the company had managed to achieve in such short time, we were very excited to invest in Chainable in September 2023.

Cees van Nispen (76), an experienced entrepreneur in the Dutch kitchen scene, founded the company together with Simon Rombouts (29) and Jordy van Osch (28) in 2020. Cees’ broad experience mixed with Simon and Jordy’s passion and innovative ideas on circularity created a winning team that is determined to drastically innovate the traditional kitchen industry as we know.

By developing a circular kitchen model, Chainable aims to close material loops and minimize human impact on ecosystems. This concept represents a groundbreaking innovation in the kitchen industry. Currently, 40.000 tons of kitchen parts are discarded and often incinerated each year, as traditional kitchens are not build for refurbishment and reusage. Considering that the construction sector must become fully circular by 2050 according to new European regulations, innovations like Chainable kitchens are necessary to say the least.

But what makes Chainable kitchens circular? They consist of a steel frame, onto which all kitchen panels can be easily mounted using a specifically designed assembling system. What makes this system unique is not only that it reduces the amount of used materials significantly, but also that each kitchen component can be replaced, refurbished, and reused. Chainable keeps track of each of these components through a ‘materials passport’ – as the founders call it – , ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the process.

Ifund is happy to have invested in Chainable in September 2023, alongside Fair Capital Impact Fund. The funding will be used to further scale Chainable’s operations and prepare it to compete with traditional kitchen producers. We want to support Chainable in creating a circular society, one kitchen at a time.