Nature knows no waste: everything is circular and waste streams are used as a resource. Waste is the consequence of our current linear economy: production – consumption – waste. This manner of production and consumption is untenable, inefficient and unsustainable. Fortunately, there are enough alternatives to view waste as a resource and close the cycle.

Ifund aims to support and accelerate initiatives based on the concept of a zero-waste world. Notions including the Blue Economy, circular economy and cradle-to-cradle inspire us to think out-of-the-box, whereby design, production, consumption and re-use are applied in such a way that the cycle can be closed. We are looking for innovative solutions to usefully harness current waste streams and to lead them to closed cycles, as well as innovations that facilitate the transition to a circular economy and prevent the origin of waste.

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Dit iconische pand valt sinds kort in de failliete boedel van het Lips concern en de curator zoekt naar een koper. De ondernemers van RotterZwam hebben het initiatief genomen om met meer ondernemers in contact te komen, die zich richten op een van de circulaire businesscases uit de “the blue economy”, het bekende boek van Gunter Pauli.… read more