The ifund Foundation promotes the transition to a sustainable world by helping and supporting innovative ‘social enterprises’ whose entrepreneurs focus on sustainable and local provision of energy, foodwater, or resources.

Tiny Library receives seed investment from ifund and Shamrock

Tiny Library is a Dutch platform where one can rent baby- and children’s products from renowned brands. A consumer thus always has access to a high-quality, like-new product while contributing to a circular economy.  A solid foundation will be built in the Netherlands, before looking abroad for further growth. The ambition is to become a… read more

Management buy-out The Reclaimers

Since 2010, The Reclaimers (formerly known as De Dakdokters Groep) has been active in the construction of green roofs and the development, production, and installation of smart water retention roofs through its subsidiaries De Dakdokters and Metropolder Company. The ifund foundation invested in The Reclaimers in 2017, helping the company to grow and increase its… read more

De Streekboer receives growth investment from ifund

De Streekboer was founded in 2015 by Sandra Ronde. The platform enables consumers to order vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, bread, and other products directly from local farmers. These groceries are then delivered to the consumers’ homes, or can be picked up at one of the more than thirty pick-up points in Northern Netherlands. Through these… read more

Growth capital for Jack Bean by ifund and the DOEN Foundation

Jack Bean was founded in 2018 by social entrepreneur Mathijs Huis in ’t Veld and sustainable chef & restaurant entrepreneur Pepijn Schmeink. The company serves local and 100% plant-based food at busy locations in urban areas, and is a pioneer in the transition to a healthier and more sustainable diet. In this pursuit, Jack Bean… read more

Investment for MycoTEX by ifund and the ROM Utrecht Region

With this production technology, MycoTEX enables fashon brands to create products which require less energy, water and chemicals than conventional materials such as leather and textiles. Moreover, these products will be assembled in 3D as opposed to 2D, resulting in less waste during the production process. Additionally, the methods lends itself well to local production,… read more

Reliving raises first investment with the ifund Foundation

“Reliving has to be a place where you take a look as soon as you are in search of an interior item,” says Ananda van Doorn, co-founder of Reliving. Since founding the company in 2019, the team is well on its way to realise this vision. With this, Reliving hopes to be a strong voice… read more

Kitepower receives €3m investment from ifund, ENERGIIQ and Windhandel

Kitepower was co-founded in 2016 by CEO Johannes Peschel and Roland Schmehl, advisor and TU Delft associate professor. During the past years, the team has worked on the development of  the Kitepower Falcon: a 100kW airborne wind energy (AWE) system which enables the generation of renewable energy at remote locations. The hybridisation of these so-called… read more

The ifund Foundation invests in De Clique

As of now, a large part of organic waste still ends up in the incinerator. As a result, the potential of these residual waste flows is barely utilised. By properly separating these flows and the packaging materials at the source, they can be reused as resources for new products: waste does not exist. De Clique… read more

Ifund provides loan to La Almendrehesa

La Almendrehesa has been created by the organisation AlVelAl, which itself has been initiated by Commonland. AlVelAl was founded in 2014 with the foal of supporting local farmers in the Altiplano in applying methods for regenerative farming. This way, degraded land suffering from desertification and erosion can be restored to a blooming and diverse ecosystem.… read more

Rechtstreex receives investment from ifund

The current food chain is characterised by a globalised, industrial production system in which food has become an anonymised commodity. The incredible length of the chain results in the continuous squeezing of margins for producers, while large corporates extract more and more financial value from the food chain. The human dimension is missing: production is… read more

De duurzame samenleving

Het hedendaagse energiesysteem moet op de schop als we gevaarlijke klimaatverandering willen voorkomen. Maar hoe ziet een alternatief systeem eruit en hoe komen we daar? Hoogleraar Derk Loorbach onderzoekt de omwenteling van maatschappelijke systemen. Dit zijn zijn belangrijkste inzichten. Mensen die van de ernst van het klimaatprobleem overtuigd zijn, doen vaak verregaande uitspraken. Ze zeggen:… read more


Dit iconische pand valt sinds kort in de failliete boedel van het Lips concern en de curator zoekt naar een koper. De ondernemers van RotterZwam hebben het initiatief genomen om met meer ondernemers in contact te komen, die zich richten op een van de circulaire businesscases uit de “the blue economy”, het bekende boek van Gunter Pauli.… read more

ZonnepanelenDelen is in korte tijd uitgegroeid tot het grootste Nederlandse crowdfundingplatform voor zonne-energie. Sinds de start heeft het platform met meer dan 1000 leden al 900.000 euro aan crowdfunding opgehaald. Dit is onder andere vanwege de opkomende deeleconomie, enorme toename in crowdfunding en de sterk groeiende zonne-energie markt. Dankzij deze kapitaalinjectie kan het platform nu versneld… read more