Ifund has a diverse portfolio of companies that contribute both positively and measurably to accelerate the transition in one or more focus areas; energy, food, water and waste.


BlueCity is located in the former subtropical swimming paradise Tropicana next to the Maas in Rotterdam and aims to accelerate the transition from an old, finite economy to a new, circular economy. BlueCity serves as an impact incubator for entrepreneurs by providing office space, workshops and laboratory space and fits in well with our activities.


Bundles offers subscriptions to high-quality white goods (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) and other household items such as coffee machines and even beds. Ifund has provided multiple loans to the company, ​​paving the way for more regular financiers such as banks that are still looking for their role in the circular economy.

Closing The Loop

Closing The Loop (CTL) offers phone users and sellers an easy solution to make their device material-neutral and waste-free by collecting discarded phones on behalf of customers and recycling them on a one-to-one basis. CTL fits within our focus area waste.

De Dakdokters

The Dakdokters install green roofs and develop, produce and install smart water retention roofs (polder roofs) to measure and control water collection remotely. Like Dakdokters, ifund sees rainwater as a raw material and not as a waste product.


Foodlogica offers a sustainable solution for the last mile of food distribution in dense urban areas. They do this with electrically-assisted cargo bikes. Ifund has invested in Foodlogica because the company contributes to both the food and energy transition.

Jack Bean

Jack Bean is a vegan fast-food chain that offers tasty and affordable meals and snacks. Residual flows from one product, or from products that do not sell on time, become ingredients for other items on the menu. This minimizes waste, which is in line with our vision of a sustainable food system.


Rotterzwam grows oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and sells them to restaurants and supermarkets. Ifund has provided a loan because, like us, Rotterzwam believes in a society where cycles are closed by combining waste flows and food production.


Summerheat develops underground heat storage technology. This product allows single-family homes to store heated water for use when needed, using locally generated energy. Ifund has invested in Summerheat and played a direct role in the inception of the company.

Vet & Lazy

Vet & Lazy is a specialty beer brewery that brews the beer as circular as possible. They are experimenting with the influx of waste streams such as rainwater to use as ingredients. Because they work a lot with residual products, they fit in well with our vision of a sustainable food system and closing cycles.


ZonnepanelenDelen is a platform for solar energy, which enables anyone to participate in solar energy projects regardless of where they live. Participants receive an annual return based on the production of the solar energy project - the same principle as having the solar panels on your roof. With this project, the organization contributes to the energy transition whilst making it accessible to everyone.