De Streekboer

De Streekboer is working on a better, more sustainable, and fairer food system by realising short and transparent food chains in the Northern Netherlands.

Most of the food we consume is not produced and sold fairly. This leads to many (societal) problems, such as that more than 50 percent of the Dutch adult population is overweight, a football field of forest still disappears every two seconds, almost half of the food that is produced does not reach our mouths, and many farmers do not receive a fair price for their products. De Streekboer’s mission is to change this.

De Streekboer was founded in 2015 by Sandra Ronde. The platform enables consumers to order vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, bread, and other products directly from local farmers. These groceries are then delivered to the consumers’ homes, or can be picked up at one of the more than thirty pick-up points in Northern Netherlands. Through these activities the company contributes to a better food system by increasing transparency, educating consumers, reducing transportation and food waste, and paying farmers a fair price for their products.

Ifund invested in De Streekboer in November 2021. With this investment, De Streekboer is working hard towards a fairer food system. The company does this by first strengthening its position in the Northern Netherlands and attracting more customers and producers in that area, before expanding towards other regions as well.