About us

The Foundation was established in 2014 and has a management board and an investment committee. An Advisory Board was installed in the course of 2015, complete with consultants and experts in various specialisations such as solar energy technology, organic agriculture, funding alternatives.

Non-profit status

The ifund foundation applied for the status of an Institution for the Promotion of the Public Interest – known by its Dutch acronym of ANBI – following its establishment. Reference is made to our ANBI page for relevant data.

Job openings

Do you recognise yourself in the mission and vision of ifund? And would you like to play your part in the transition to a more sustainable world? Or work together with pragmatic idealists, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors? Check out the vacancies page.

Do you have a specific field of expertise and would you like to be associated with ifund as an advisor? Please contact Stefan van Eijk.


Stefan van Eijk

fund manager

Stefan started at ifund in 2016 as investment manager and is now our fund manager. Before ifund, he was an entrepreneur and brought an innovative new cycling pedal to market with 3ax Cycling.

Imro Dawson

investment manager

Imro joined ifund in 2021, after having gained extensive experience as a strategy consultant at EY-Parthenon. Before that, he obtained two master degrees at the University of Twente.

Dolf Kerklaan

financial controller

Dolf has been active for both ifund and BlueCity since 2019. He started his career as a professional football player, before gaining experience at various financial advisory firms.

Wouter Veer

founder & advisor

Wouter founded ifund in 2014 and led the team in the first years. He is an impact driven entrepreneur, committed to supporting many sustainable young companies.

Management board

Derk Loorbach


Professor of socio-economic transitions at Erasmus University Rotterdam and director at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT).

Wouter Veer


Entrepreneur and founder of Pay for People. Initiator and advisor of ifund foundation.

Dorien Goris


Lawyer at the National Public Prosecutors Office.

Armand Salomon

board member

Entrepreneur and founder of Equilibre, sports enthousiast, head of commercial and technical affairs at Feyenoord Basketball.

Investment committee

The investment committee consists of the management board complemented by two independent members. Funding requests are only granted following approval of the investment committee.

Dirk Aleven

Entrepreneur and founder of MeetIn, One to Watch and FoodVentures.

Bart Veldman

Seasoned investment professional through experience at No Such Ventures, Coloured Finches and Mentha Capital.