Non-profit status

On this page, we disclose all relevant data pertaining to the ifund Foundation, related to our status as an Institution for the Promotion of the Public Interest (ANBI)

RSIN 8545.84.067
CC no. 61992844
Email address
Telephone number +31 6 5187 8816
Address BlueCity
Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS  Rotterdam
The Netherlands


The ifund Foundation aims to sustain the long-term quality of life for all mankind, by stimulating the transition to a sustainable society in which renewable energy can be generated at a regional and local scale, organic food can be produced and clean water can be accessed.


On the one hand, ifund creates awareness by providing information about the severity of the problems at hand and promoting solutions for the themes under discussion. On the other, ifund supports innovative, impact-first start-ups that develop solutions to these issues. By researching the feasibility of ideas and solutions, for example, or by conducting theoretical and experimental research, or offering office space, or making seed capital available, or helping in any other way with funding requirements.

Policy plan

The original policy plan, written in 2014, has been updated in 2020. It can be downloaded (in Dutch) here.

Accountability and financial reporting

The foundation was established on November 28th, 2014. The standard publicationform for ANBI-funds, with in it a link to the financial and substantive accountability report, can be found here: Annual Report 2020. Statements for previous years can be requested via the contact form.

Board of Management

Board members receive no remuneration for their work on behalf of the Board.

Derk Loorbach chairman
Wouter Veer treasurer
Dorien Goris secretary
Armand Salomon board member