Reliving is an online marketplace for affordable vintage furniture. from their office in Amsterdam, the team works towards their shared ambition: becoming the market leader in second hand interior in order to lower the environmental impact of the wider furniture sector.

Reliving was founded in 2019 by Ananda van Doorn, Jody Klaassen en Vincent van Leeuwen. The idea was born from the frustration that went with buying second-hand furniture: limited service, unreliable sellers and verkopers en a cluttered offering. Through a platform where curation, reliability and and intuitive customer experience are key, Reliving offers a solid solution. In this way, Reliving connects buyers and sellers of high-quality second hand furniture.

With the platform, Reliving has set up a scalable proposition, through which impact can efficiently be made on a large scale. This impact is aimed at lowering the negative effects of the furniture industry, by facilitating and stimulating reuse. In doing so, Reliving forms an alternative to the trend of fast furniture, which has been on the rise in recent years but so far has remained underexposed. By making visible the saved CO2 and removing barriers such as transport or findability, the team gives shape to their mission: contributing to the end of fast furniture.

From the beginning, we have been impressed by what Reliving had achieved in a relatively short time. The team proved to be able to establish an impact-focused company where strong growth and consistent customer service go hand in hand. Ultimately, ifund invested in Reliving in July 2021, and supports the team in the further growth of the platform.

Earlier this year, Reliving was featured at NH Nieuws – see the result here! (in Dutch)