Vet & Lazy

Based in BlueCity in Rotterdam, Vet & Lazy is a speciality beer brewery that brews beer as circularly as possible. The company has grown organically by the hard work of four friends out of love for brewing beer.

Vet & Lazy experiments with the influx of sustainable ingredients such as rainwater, sorghum and stale bread as a raw material. Their residual products are used in other applications as well, as is the case with beer grains (raw material for biscuits or granola) and CO2 (input for Spireaux, an algae grower). Vet & Lazy is very distinctive in a positive sense. They are increasing in popularity and now sell to many catering establishments and retail, including several Albert Heijn and Jumbo branches in Rotterdam.

Vet & Lazy fits in our food theme and contributes to a more sustainable society. There is a great emphasis on the regional aspect of raw materials, residual flows and customers. The entrepreneurs have enthusiastic intrinsic motives to work in an increasingly sustainable and circular manner and also communicate this to customers. In the beer industry, a lot can still be gained in terms of the shift from linearity to circularity.

Ifund provided growth financing to Vet & Lazy in 2017 and has been a shareholder of the company since 2019, together with two other informal investors.

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