Ifund was involved in the development of the ideas for LOKOL (formerly Jack Bean) at a very early stage. Founder Mathijs Huis in ‘t Veld approached ifund about our vision of him as an entrepreneur in the transition from a non-sustainable, meat-centered diet to a more plant-based diet, thereby combatting climate change.

LOKOL offers particularly tasty and affordable fast-casual meals and snacks in locations with many passers-by, such as shopping streets and stations. Residual flows from one product, or from products not selling on time, become ingredients for other items on the menu. In this way, waste is minimised. Founders Mathijs and Pepijn form a strong team with different backgrounds. For example, Mathijs previously founded NLvoorelkaar as an entrepreneur and Pepijn was, among other things, chef and founder of the well-known restaurants Dertien and Eendracht. LOKOL fits seamlessly with ifund’s vision of a sustainable food system.

After starting out in Rotterdam, LOKOL is now active in Amsterdam. Based at the Kinkerstraat 140, you will a comfortable vegan hotspot which serves the signature burgers, bowls and wraps. From there, LOKOL will build a network of locations where you can always enjoy their delicious food within 30 minutes, anywhere in Amsterdam.

Ifund invested in initial concept Jack Bean together with the DOEN Foundation in 2018 and has since been actively involved in the rollout of the LOKOL chain at home and (in the future) abroad.