New Optimist

Under the banner of ‘yes, future!’, New Optimist embarks on its mission to create a future-proof fashion industry by developing local and sustainable streetwear. As pioneers in sustainable fashion and textiles, New Optimist aspires to spark a wave of optimism and completely transform the fashion world.

The company was founded in 2020, by Xander Slager and Nelleke Wegdam. Driven by their passion to bring systemic change to the fashion industry, they set out to create a brand and business model that is a holistic embodiment of sustainability. The result? New Optimist, a clothing brand that is steward-owned, produces locally, nurtures social responsibility, and embraces circular practices.

Drawing inspiration from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, New Optimist takes sustainability to a whole new level. From the very start of their production cycle, they carefully consider a product’s journey until its end-of-life phase. Their clothing is created from certified organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabrics, designed to last. They offer a repair service to extend the life of your garments, and they even encourage you to return clothing through an innovative deposit system. It’s a win-win for you, the environment, and New Optimist. Plus, when it’s time to say goodbye to your clothing, they ensure it’s recycled responsibly. In essence, New Optimist takes care of every step in the lifecycle of a piece of clothing, making it an all-around sustainable choice.

Since our first encounter in 2022, we have been enthusiastic about this holistic approach to bringing change to one of the most polluting industries on the planet. In October 2023, we proudly invested in New Optimist, alongside the Amsterdam Klimaat en Energie Fonds (AKEF). With the funds, this fashion brand can further solidify its reputation and expand its production location, making the world a more stylish and eco-conscious place.